a bit about me

‘sup, kids

you can ACTUALLY learn about me over on the “about me” page, so this is kind of a lie.

this post is really about why this blog exists

i have lots of thoughts, and no creative outlet (well, baking, but i cannot afford to buy new clothing just because i expressed my thoughts using sugar and butter). so, this blog is that outlet, i hope.

i don’t expect many readers, if any.

i want to see what comes of this. not fame, eesh no. but at the very least, feeling like i’ve successfully put all of my thoughts in one place for a bit.

occasionally i’ll get all serious, but mostly this will take the form of kind of spazzy posts about whatever crosses my mind.

and sometimes, i’ll use conversations i had with people i know, since my friends are funny.

SO. enjoy? yes. enjoy.