in which i got a present in the mail, and felt better

a story, in two images

a pink book? and what is, i promise, a quizzical face, not just me looking sad

NO! it is my new kindle!

i travel for work, so this is my new work-travel-toy – this way, when sitting in the charlotte airport, where i will make every f*ing connection, i can read! and i won’t break my back or the straps on my bag carrying a book that weighs ten pounds. true story – i was running through the atlanta airport and my bag completely dissolved in protest because i made it carry about 70 pounds more than a $20 bag can hold. sigh.

anyhoodle. it made me feel better. though honestly, what made me feel much better today was hearing the wonderful manfriend tell me he loved me, and that he wished he could be here to hug me, since i nearly had like 6 nervous breakdowns today and contemplated hiding in the bathroom at work where it is safe.