front porch musings

actually, a better title for this post is “i got home and talked to the dog for a while before sitting on the porch and HI my life is not that thrilling, apparently”, but that is a lot of typing for a title.

though when i got home, i did seriously talk to the dog for a bit while looking over my mail. it went something like this:

me: here, nicole help me look at my mail. want to eat a wedding invitation? no, kidding, please don’t!

nicole (dog): (sits and stares at me)

me: um, who is this for? OH right, my roommate whose full name i never use. i knew that.

nicole: (hops on couch, starts licking wedding invitation)

me: nicole…no…please don’t

nicole: (moves on to licking the netflix envelope)

me: nicole! don’t eat ‘footloose’!

THRILLING, RIGHT? now we’re sitting on the porch and she’s howling at passers-by, and i keep calling out apologies because while her bark is intimidating, i am not convinced this dog has a mean bone in her body.