hi, i swear i’m still here

my camera has about eleventy hundred photos on it that are in want of uploading, editing, and posting to flickr.

i have like 60 kajillion blog posts running around in my head

i am also CRAZY TIRED, my left knee is KILLING me, and it’s now pouring rain in miami (where i am for the next couple of days), which is just ducky, ’cause i’m going to get dinner soon and in the rain.

a glass of wine will be consumed.

i’m driving the dinkiest car EVER, and it’s automatic, and apparently my brain forgot how that works, because i may have googled “do you drive an automatic using one or both feet?” BECAUSE YOU KNOW WHAT, I’M A STICK SHIFT DRIVER NOW. (sidenote: first answer the internet gave me was “i don’t advise using both feet”)

oh, and i keep blatantly staring at people here because EVERYONE has had plastic surgery, which fascinates me, and if they haven’t had plastic surgery, they’re whoa-hey-there attractive. men and women. freaking me out. i’m very clearly the country mouse in the big honking city who is a wee bit overwhelmed by all the shiny people.

anyhoodle. off to a tiny bistro well-reviewed on yelp with free parking behind it (yes, that was the primary reason for picking it). i’m getting really good at driving around miami without paying tolls! go me!