Monthly Archive: April, 2011

thoughts on sadness, loss, and love

last week, almost a week ago now, we found out that my mom’s mom had passed away. it hit me like a goddamn truck. which i wasn’t really expecting. the sudden sucker-punch feeling.… Continue reading

christmas in reindeer antlers

mostly, this is to let y’all know that i won’t be posting for a few days. my mom’s mom (gran to me, dixon to the rest of the world) passed away. things are… Continue reading

rainy day chic

from the feet up: grey flats with silver buckles 70s style wide-leg denim grey tunic necklace of green stones red lips zebra print umbrella bring it, rain.

allergy medicine and tess: a slightly manic tale

i am a sneezy girl ask anyone. halfway through any conversation, i get this “heehhhhhurgh” face and then have to sneeze about twenty times. and because i think sneezes are kind of funny,… Continue reading

left to my own devices, i do damage

i mean, not serious damage. just…damage that a five-year-old would recognize as damage. I COULDN’T HELP IT. i was sitting in traffic. bored. yelling at the IDIOT FOOL OUT-OF-TOWNER in front of me… Continue reading

on the royal wedding

if you’ve been living under a rock,  then you’ve (perhaps blessedly) missed out on the whole “national obsession with the royal wedding”. renee, who runs the coffee shop i go to every day,… Continue reading

sensible shoes are clearly to blame

it was SO pretty outside today, and given that we are in East Coast Monsoon season (apparently) and tomorrow is predicted to be duck-drowning weather, i decided to walk to work today. this… Continue reading

this is a big deal. and i need y’all to help out.

so, back when i was FREAKING out about grad school, as a present to my sanity, i decided that, should i get into Dream School, i would spend the summer redoing my room.… Continue reading

running, flamingo pens, and the weirdness of being young

PART THE FIRST i have my fancy-pants ipod touch, and it has like 80 billion gigs or bytes or herds of data space on it (oh my god i sound inept. sorry. it’s… Continue reading

why i should not be allowed in a grocery store without supervision

i’m trying so very hard to be a real grown-up who is frugal and wise with her money. part of this means that i now make insanely detailed grocery lists. usually, i leave… Continue reading