slightly wine-induced thoughts

hmm, that title might not make any sense. i mean…the thoughts…are partially induced by red wine.

actually, i think the title works

at any rate

when you have a suddenly springy day, and it comes on a monday after an exceptionally fantastic weekend, sometimes you look out the window and fantasize about quitting everything and grabbing the one you love and traveling the world in search of perpetually sunlit days.

and the whole future thing is intimidating sometimes, y’know? i’m trading in the stresses of my job for the stresses of being a graduate student, and even though i cannot wait, i still get a bit terrified. i’m about to dive into loans for two years, and no guarantee of a job at the end, and that? that scares me.

it all feels very grown-up, student loans and a career path i want, and occasionally the tiny voice inside my head gets all insistent that i have lost my damn mind.

but then the other louder voice in my mind reminds me that this is what i want, and that everyone probably feels this kind of worry sometimes, and that i have people who love me and will support me (and most importantly feed me) through grad school. and that the boy who makes me all stupid and smiley, he thinks i’m awesome, and on crappy days where i am all worried, that fact keeps me afloat.

not that today was crappy. just…had to get the tiny voice’s words out.

back to your regularly scheduled monday night.