asheville, initial impressions

one, this place fits my friend R’s description of “lots of hippies and puppies” to the letter. really. lots of hippies. though, when you’re a 20-something…can you really be a hippie? no, i don’t think you can. maybe just “lots of earthy happy people who don’t wear shoes”, which is slightly more scientific as descriptions go, and not necessarily negative.

two, because this town is so lovey (yes, lovey, i didn’t spell “lovely” wrong), we parked for four hours and paid three dollars. four hours. three dollars. WHAT THE HELL. in a less lovey town, we’d have paid $8 and not blinked an eye.

three, the food. um, wow. just…yes. this place is awesome. we mapped out our food plans for today because otherwise our brains would explode.

four, i haven’t uploaded photos yet because that will seriously take me about three hours to do – between uploading hundreds of photos (original spelling: hundrededs. thank god blogs aren’t written out by quillpoint anymore. THAT would have been a pain) and then obsessively editing them, it’s going to take me a while. i’ll bring my ipod today and try to post a couple to twitter and facebook so you can appreciate the loveliness of this town.

five, in 26 minutes, they’re serving us delicious breakfast. be jealous