why i should not be allowed in a grocery store without supervision

i’m trying so very hard to be a real grown-up who is frugal and wise with her money. part of this means that i now make insanely detailed grocery lists. usually, i leave them on my desk when i go to the store, and end up buying whatever looks fun.

clearly, i have some work to do on the “responsible adult” front.

at any rate. this week, i remembered my list.


except not only did i buy what was on the list, i would see things on sale and go “oh, well, it’s on sale, so if i buy it, i’m saving money!”…and then into my basket the item would go

this includes the biggest freaking container of nutella. ever.

turns out, y’all, when you buy a lot of stuff that is on sale, you still spend money.


also, i’m eating greek yogurt with honey right now and really just want to eat a bowl of honey. that’s not normal, right?