running, flamingo pens, and the weirdness of being young


i have my fancy-pants ipod touch, and it has like 80 billion gigs or bytes or herds of data space on it (oh my god i sound inept. sorry. it’s early). so i have, y’know, NOTHING on it besides absurdly addicting games and some embarrassing music choices.

so i thought, hey, fancy-pants toy, i can put an app on here to make my lazy self run or something. i got a british app (couch to 5k), and OMG i love it. a british lady talks me through when to run and when to walk and occasionally tells me i’m fabulous.

today is the second run on the schedule. i thought, i’ll get up early! be a morning runner. those people seem abnormally perky. i can do that!

false. alarm went off, i hit snooze and slept another hour. cannot bring myself to run when it is still dark out.

so, the schedule is thrown a bit. that’s okay. no big deal. i hope.


i wrote a check today using a bright pink flamingo pen. i’ll post a picture of it to twitter.


went to a baby shower yesterday. was the only girl to leave thinking i wanted to take extra birth control. everyone else literally said they were experiencing uterine pangs. y’all? i’m the youngest in my group of co-workers, and right then and there? it showed. everyone else was all BIOLOGICAL CLOCK ZOMG BABIES and i was going “right, but puppies are lot less expensive…and i can still drink copious amounts of red wine”

sigh. it’s weird being young.


the flamingo pen thing should show you that (1) i have awesome taste in tacky souvenirs and (2) i can make check-writing fun.