this is a big deal. and i need y’all to help out.

so, back when i was FREAKING out about grad school, as a present to my sanity, i decided that, should i get into Dream School, i would spend the summer redoing my room.

new bed frame.

less furniture.

small desk.

wall art for grown-ups. not naughty, i mean just not crappy framing on the stuff i already have

actual filing system

a floor lamp

new curtains

reorganized closet.

so. this coming week, i’m going to start that process. and in the interest of blog lovin’, i will document it all here. i’ll post “before” shots of the room, and then just pick a corner and begin the work.

when i post something, i want y’all to comment like whoa. help a girl make decisions. i’ll be budget-friendly, but i want this room to feel grown-up and awesome. ’cause i meet people sometimes, and i want to basically steal their lives just to have their decorations and furniture. and maybe i could start being the person whose life people want to steal.

next week: the hunt for a new bedframe.