sensible shoes are clearly to blame

it was SO pretty outside today, and given that we are in East Coast Monsoon season (apparently) and tomorrow is predicted to be duck-drowning weather, i decided to walk to work today.

this meant i wore sensible walking shoes.


since i normally wear heels of at least 3 inches to work, this is not normal. shoes without heels. that are flat. and have support. yeah, i don’t get it either.

then, my day was like KABLOOIE and failed miserably. an attempt at updating my computer led to my computer no longer having any version of office on it, and i got like three things done total. mostly i swore a lot.

i think it’s because i wore sensible shoes today. tomorrow i plan to wear heels and see if my computer has word on it.

(it will, because after an hour on the phone and thirty minutes at my desk, tech support finally got the stupid thing to work.)

(but tomorrow, it’ll work because i wear fancy shoes)