on the royal wedding

if you’ve been living under a rock,  then you’ve (perhaps blessedly) missed out on the whole “national obsession with the royal wedding”.

renee, who runs the coffee shop i go to every day, and i talked about this obsession today. i figured out why i am helpless before any link to an article about what kate wore today, how they met, or her wedding dress.

when i was in elementary school, i hated my school. i hated most of the teachers, i didn’t have a ton of friends, and i felt awkward and out-of-place among my far more competitive and sporty peers. i was much happier buried in a book, hidden behind ridiculously oversized glasses. i don’t know if i started thinking about this earlier, but certainly in third grade, when i had my first crush on a boy who was tall and (to my eyes) dreamy, i would stand at the bus stop and think, “maybe today, when i get to school, i’ll find out i was a princess, i’ll get a pretty dress, and i won’t have to go to school anymore!”. the cute boy was ALWAYS the prince.

please note: the dress was ALWAYS a hideous 80s wedding dress. like, truly awful. just…terrible taste, tiny tess.

but yeah. i think that child’s fantasy is why this royal wedding sucks me in. i’ve since learned that i don’t want a prince to rescue me (both because i can rescue my own damn self, and because royals are kind of weird, and also i have a boyfriend who isn’t a prince, and he’s ten times cooler than any prince). i know that if i feel miserable and out-of-place, that’s okay. someone else does too. i can walk away from the misery, and ignore the competitive jerks who make me feel small, and hang out with the kid who hates dodgeball as much as i do. i know that burying myself in a book is a totally respectable thing to do. i don’t find myself dreaming about being a princess now. i’m good with who i am.

nevertheless, i think that little awkward kid’s daydream (that kind of got me through elementary school) is why the wedding of two people i will never meet is so fascinating to me. i know kate does not come from remotely the same background as i did. but she’s still a relatively normal girl becoming a princess. and the part of my brain that loves glee and reads fashion blogs about shoes i cannot afford (read: the escapist part of my brain) is obsessed with the disney nature of it all. and that is totally cool. i think we need a fluffy thing to keep our minds less serious sometimes.

i won’t be up at 4 in the morning to watch the wedding. but i will happily continue to read about the latest thing she wore, or scrutinize the details of her dress. third-grade-tess demands it, and i want her to be happy.

(sidenote: seriously, do not know why this blog post came to be. i guess this blog really is a window into my brain?)