allergy medicine and tess: a slightly manic tale

i am a sneezy girl

ask anyone. halfway through any conversation, i get this “heehhhhhurgh” face and then have to sneeze about twenty times. and because i think sneezes are kind of funny, i usually get a case of the giggles. so i’m both trying to quell a giggle attack and sneezing violently

it is a miracle people talk to me.


i need allergy meds that (1) stop the sneezes and (2) do not lead to my being high as a kite.

well. uh. an impromptu review of the two i have tried so far.

claritin: didn’t work for two hours, worked for three, then i thought it was done, until midnight, when i lay in bed and thought things like “OH MY GOD EVERYTHING IS SO CRISP” and “i wonder what’s on the internet right now?”. then i had a trippy dream about my roommates and i moving our mattresses upstairs and “camping out”, but then a giant ant skittered across us and we couldn’t kill it and i basically woke up wondering if a giant rodent had perhaps crawled over me and THAT was why i thought i felt something with feet.

allegra: this morning’s trial. as you can perhaps tell from my spazzy writing, i am really, really awake now. BUT i can breathe. i just feel super-alert. and bouncy. and just had to talk myself out of dancing in my office. so…kinda working?

any recommendations for non-expensive but also non-crazymaking allergy meds would be appreciated.