christmas in reindeer antlers

mostly, this is to let y’all know that i won’t be posting for a few days.

my mom’s mom (gran to me, dixon to the rest of the world) passed away. things are sad and weird. i need to be offline for a bit to regroup and love up on the people i love.

i leave you with this: the image of my grandmother (stubborn, independent, did shit her own way – for better or worse), two christmases ago, going out to bars on christmas eve with her friends wearing reindeer antlers.

reindeer antlers. fucking reindeer antlers, y’all. how bad-ass is that? she’d have worn black slacks, a sweater in some combo of black, gold, and white, and gold jewelry (ocean-themed brooches? yes.). with reindeer antlers.

in her honor, i might wear bunny ears on sunday.

so, tonight, if you’re drinking, raise a glass to gran.

back in a few