side effects of travelling while on several meds

being allergic to the air means i’m on allegra, and being in the mid-west* means my sinuses have been squashed completely, so now i’m on both allegra and a sinus decongestant. basically, i’m hyper-alert, my heart keeps speeding up, and i can breathe, and that third thing outweighs the first two by a lot.

i just got over jetlag, but i still get REALLY tired at random points, so maybe i’m not over jetlag?

whatever. two special moments from my day

after a full day filming classrooms, my co-worker and i were leaving the school, passed a teacher we had filmed earlier in the day, and he said hi. my brain, deprived of coffee and a bit hyped up on the aforementioned meds, immediately wanted my mouth to respond with “you have a face” AS A LEGIT GREETING. thank goodness some filter kicked in last minute and i said hello instead of that. eesh. i can’t begin to explain why that greeting sounded totally normal.

then, my mother sends me a facebook message to let me know that she just ordered an ipad (squee!), and i replied with “that’s so exciting, also when man-friend’s parents are in town, he might be down for making dinner, if we can use your kitchen because it is nicer and quieter” (and unspoken thought – less awkward to have the parents meet for the first time if my four roommates are not creeping around. love you guys, but that would just be…weird. i hit ‘send’. and at the last minute, i see “reply” and “reply-all”. there is a sound for the reaction i had, like a weird hiccupy squeal of bafflement. turns out, mom is savvy, and messaged both manfriend AND myself about this purchase. and then i happily told them both what really only one of them needed to know.

so. in short. travel and cold meds make me exceptionally spacey. it’s either entertaining or totally worrisome.

off to dinner. camera is in tow.