join me in a little escapism, will you?

so, denver is rainy as all anything, and because we’re like eleventy-million feet closer to the sky, it is CRAZY oppressive. even when there isn’t any hail or pouring rain, i feel squished.

SO. inspired by the internets, let’s fantasize about more exotic locales. preferably ones involving a coconut full of some rum-soaked beverage. mmmm. yeah.

let’s start in hawaii. mostly because my parents are going there and i am SO SO SO jealous. granted, they’re going adventuring in hawaii, whereas my goal would be to not be sober for like ten days straight, and to come back frecklier (it’s a word!) and dazed by too many naps in the sunshine. maui sounds glorious.

yeah, that.

OR. fiji sounds crazy fun. yeah. fiji.

helloooooo, beautiful. yes, fiji. let’s go there, okay?

okay. y’all get the tickets, i’ll pack extra flip-flops.