hawkgirl would probably yell at me

yes, hawkgirl.

she’s just become my ass-kicking inspiration for my new goal.

not flight. though that would be awesome.

however, in my brain, she’s going to be my coach to get me through my 8-week master plan.

8 weeks. that takes me to the end of july. no actual thing happening that weekend, really. just…8 weeks seems like a solid amount of time, right? right.

blog fail. here’s what i’m rambling about.  inspired by the daily julie and her posts about following a specific workout plan in the hopes of getting to her best shape, and i think partially inspired by a dream in which i was hawkgirl, i’ve decided to stop SAYING i will do this, and actually get in shape.

this is not about weight loss. i’m at the upper end of my comfort zone, weight-wise. i like my body. i am confident that i rock a pair of shorts like nobody’s business. i’ve got my mama’s genes and thus am a naturally petite woman. but the thing is, people assume “petite” means “works out a lot and is super healthy”. while i eat pretty well (wedge of chocolate cake not included in that statement), i do. not. work. out. and i am fast approaching the age when my metabolism apparently goes on extended vacation.

thanks to the internet, i recently got a cheap subscription to Self magazine. the first issue arrived this week, and has some pretty basic exercise routines in it. their website has more, plus links to videos and the like. so my plan, for the next 8 weeks, is to try a new exercise routine each week. and to run, since i have good running shoes and i know that i used to love to run. the weekly routine will be a strength and toning one, and i’m trying different ones to (a) keep myself from getting bored, (b) find a routine i love. the constant every week will be cardio.

so, after this weekend (indulgence city), i’m going to start my new regimen. please keep on top of me about this, folks.i will blog about it each week, of course.

while i won’t be making major diet changes, i do want to get ideas on little ones that y’all might have tried out that were easy and effective. did you give up coffee? give up soda? eat more salads? tell me!



p.s. just looked at that image again. i doubt that working out will increase my cup size to whatever the hell that poor girl is rocking, but she looks ferocious and proud, right? right.