Monthly Archive: June, 2011

in the name of beauty, i cried in front of someone

as mentioned earlier in my most boring post of all time, i went to get my eyebrows threaded yesterday. my logic was that hot wax covers more skin, and is therefore more painful,… Continue reading

my summer fling with the tv

summer is good for many things. sangria. sweating. wishing i had summer vacation. and trashy tv. oh honey. the tv is SO bad in the summer. since abc took away Sexy Doctors in… Continue reading

the follicular saga continues

today i dashed out of the office mid-day to get my hair prettified. it’s been a while – when i’m not growing out my hair, i’m pretty careful to stick to a every-6-weeks… Continue reading

on the internet, being so angry it hurts, and other things

the problem with the internet is that it is forver. and anyone can access it. and so i have to be careful today. because what i want to write, i cannot. because the… Continue reading

eyebrows and such

eyebrows are really weird i mean. think about it. humans have patches of hair over their eyes, presumably to protect your eyes from dust or bugs or sweat. we’re so fragile that we… Continue reading

you know what makes everything better?

cookies for breakfast. totally makes everything better. you should try it. what does not make anything better is slicing your leg open in the shower and trying not to scream expletives since it’s… Continue reading

really, internets? in which i do not understand you.

someone found this blog by searching “what are the dangers of owning a dog” uh. excessive drool. from the dog. not you. i hope. lots of dog hair. fish breath in your face.… Continue reading

monday plans

today, i get back on track. deep clean of the bathroom. ideally, i want to finally fix the sink, which, every 21 days, STOPS DRAINING. deep clean of my room. it just looks… Continue reading

in brief (a rant)

i’ll write a longer post later, but really? this is just me shaking my fist at the sky. the past 6 weeks have been really tough for my family. we’ve had two deaths… Continue reading

shiny new toys and the longest week ever

SO yesterday i did it i bought a new iphone. which i named Estelle, because….clearly, this fancy gadget is secretly an old lady? i dunno. she’ll be sporting a pink case (with polka… Continue reading