a plea for some follicular wisdom

a brief (ish) history of my hair.

not including high school. no offense, i kind of try to forget any and all fashion decisions made then.

in college, i let my hair grow wild. i got it cut at a local chop shop (SO CLEVER) until the woman cutting my hair TURNED AWAY from my locks while wielding scissors and i thought i might die. then i ponied up more money to get better haircuts. but in general, my hair was there.

then, my last year of college, on a whim, i got about 8 inches chopped off – inspired by katie holmes’ new hair – and never looked back.

until now.

looking down the tunnel to grad school, i think i want to be cheap. and not spend $30 every 6 weeks on a haircut to keep my hair at one length. so i’m planning on growing my hair until i graduate from this program, then cutting it to donate.

except, i have fine hair. a lot of it, but it’s fine. straight as a pin. does not hold a curl. obeys the laws of volumizing products. that’s about it.

so, ladies! those of you with my stick-straight fine hair. i need your style advice for these next two years. i don’t remember what to do with long hair. i have a straightener to get my hair and i through the flippity-hair phase (it fast approaches), but once my locks get heavy enough to straighten out again…what do i do with it? what products do i use? do i put it up? do i need to develop skills in the “self-styling” department? will one of you come over every morning to make my hair pretty?

if your advice is “don’t grow your hair out”, shoo. not helpful.