the dangers of owning a dog

our house has 5 people and a dog. a sweet, daffy dog.

her human is out of town this week. he left a list of what to do for the dog – food, medicine, fish oil, walks, etc.

fish oil smells terrible, by the way.

this morning i woke her up (she was sprawled across her human’s bed, staring out the window sadly)

i took her outside.

i got her breakfast ready

i went onto the porch, leaving the door open, and asked her, “are you peeing?”

because clearly the dog will reply. and understands my question.

from inside the house, i hear a startled, “uh…no?”, because unbeknownst to me, another roommate had just walked past.

i explained. she laughed. she probably has realized by now that i’m crazy, so my talking to the dog as if she were a small child makes sense.

but i made note. next time i talk to the dog, i’ll use her name so no one else thinks i’m inquiring after their bladder.