shiny new toys and the longest week ever



i did it

i bought a new iphone. which i named Estelle, because….clearly, this fancy gadget is secretly an old lady? i dunno. she’ll be sporting a pink case (with polka dots) and somehow her name is just Estelle.

yesterday i also managed to deactivate her after the cell phone company activated her. fail. luckily my cell phone provider is not judgy, and was just like “yeah, this happens all the time”. they were kind enough not to say “yeah, this happens all the time…to idiots”, since it really was my fault.

ALSO. can we just do a happy dance for the weekend? for so many reasons this week has been extra-long, and i think it’s made my mind sort of snap. lovely.

so. this was a GREAT post, right? sorry. my mind is distracted by Estelle and the fast-approaching weekend. and it’s hotter than satan’s balls outside, so i’m kind of constantly sweating. which is miserable.