eyebrows and such

eyebrows are really weird

i mean. think about it. humans have patches of hair over their eyes, presumably to protect your eyes from dust or bugs or sweat.

we’re so fragile that we need face hair to keep our eyes safe.

though really, i think eyelashes do that too. and mine fail, since i spent most of my weekend trying to get SOMETHING out of my left eye. this morning i rubbed my eye and an eyelash popped out and was like, “oh hey. sorry ’bout that.”

anyhow. i sort of left my eyebrows alone until my senior year of high school. at some point that year, it dawned on me.


i bought my first pair of tweezers. i cried because, hi, y’all? ripping out tiny hairs, one at a time, from a HIGHLY sensitive patch of skin? hurts like hell.

at some point late in college, i tried getting my eyebrows waxed. more crying. less effort, because in two steps (wax on, wax off), my brows were way happier.

also, way thinner. 70% of the time, my brow lady would hear me when i asked that they be left relatively full – i just want them groomed, i’d say. sometimes, i was left with a brow that was exactly three eyebrow hairs thick. not cool.

today, while gazing deep into my eyebrows in the mirror, i decided to try threading. look it up. i can’t explain since i don’t totally know how it works, except there is no hot wax. and some threads.

so on wednesday, i’m getting my eyebrows threaded. i’ll post a recap of how that adventure goes.

sorry to make you read about eyebrows. i’m kind of bored, and when i get bored, i think of strange things. like eyebrows.