on the internet, being so angry it hurts, and other things

the problem with the internet is that it is forver.

and anyone can access it.

and so i have to be careful today.

because what i want to write, i cannot. because the people who made me furious beyond words yesterday, they’d see this post. or they might see it. and no matter how anonymously i wrote the post, someone would put the pieces together. and i can’t really afford that, not right now.

so i vented to a few people yesterday, all of whom confirmed that yeah, i was justified in being so angry i wanted to cry. that my emotional reaction was on the money. that my feeling winded by surprise and hurt, that was totally allowed. a few of them wanted me to react a little more actively, to talk to someone who could maybe be a louder voice for me, but a lot of them (and i’m in their camp) think that for now, i just need to survive a little longer, and learn a lesson or two, and not make things awkward.

anyhow. if you run a blog that is looking for an anonymously written post about the politics of offices (i’ll give you that much – this was a work thing), let me know. i can’t promise a post about the whys of the situation, but i can guarantee one that probably speaks to a lot of people.

sigh. this is why i wore hot pink patent leather shoes today.