the follicular saga continues

today i dashed out of the office mid-day to get my hair prettified. it’s been a while – when i’m not growing out my hair, i’m pretty careful to stick to a every-6-weeks routine. now that i’ve decided to grow my hair out, i have to just go in for occasional trims to keep it in shape, but that’s it.

my hair girl, nicole, who is, um, awesome, took one look at me and said, “you must be growing it out”. she gave me her seal of approval, and then warned me that i’m now entering the awkward phase, where my hair will get all flippy and get some attitude and not listen to me anymore.

basically, my hair is about to become a teenager. joy.

i’m going to start documenting my efforts at keeping my hair under control for the month-and-a-half long rebellious phase. headbands. clips. curfew. the usual.

wish me luck.