my summer fling with the tv

summer is good for many things. sangria. sweating. wishing i had summer vacation.

and trashy tv.

oh honey. the tv is SO bad in the summer. since abc took away Sexy Doctors in Paradise (sniffle), they replaced it with Sexy Doctors in a War Zone. you’d think that would be more exciting. it is not. the actors are so wooden it physically hurts to watch. granted, we still watch.

we’re also watching the bachelorette, which is so painful to watch. i want to give the poor girl a hug, tell her she’s pretty, and that she should perhaps not trust in a show with a lousy track record to help her find love. also, i think she’s close to my age, and i think she’d be fun to hang out with, get drunk with, and throw darts at photos of some of the TOTAL buttheads courting her.

we’ve finished catching up on the modern reboot of Doctor Who, and Torchwood. we’re three episodes away from finishing the second season of Castle. i have The Good Wife from netflix, which will be my “show to watch on the train to dc” for the next few weeks.

what do you watch in the summer? do you stoop to our level and watch shows that air in the summer? or are you catching up on shows you’ve never seen?