in the name of beauty, i cried in front of someone

as mentioned earlier in my most boring post of all time, i went to get my eyebrows threaded yesterday. my logic was that hot wax covers more skin, and is therefore more painful, than using two threads to yoink out individual hairs. my logic had one flaw.

the aesthetican was, y’know, ripping out one eyebrow hair at a time. rapidly. by the end of it, i was most definitely in tears. not sobbing, but from the particular pain of eyebrow maintenance…i could not help it.

i cannot explain what threading is. this youtube video seems to sum it up nicely.

see how the woman with the pink nails has to hold her brow in place? i had to do that too, so she could get at specific hairs. it took under 10 minutes, and i am definitely pleased by the result. so, would i do it again?

uh. maybe? people swear that the more you get your brows threaded, the less it hurts, but i was told that about waxing my eyebrows and that was a bald-faced lie (heh). i like that it’s a far more precise way of getting my eyebrows in line. waxing just paints it on in a shape and rips it off, and “i like my eyebrows fuller” is sort of ignored. this allows the aesthetician great precision in shaping my brow and making sure it is still full. the end result is a slightly straighter line than i like, but this morning i did my weird girl thing of leaning in close to the mirror and stroking my eyebrows contemplatively (tell me i am not alone in this habit), and i realized that somehow, my eyebrow looks….longer, which means i think my eyes look more open. MAGIC. totally awesome magic.

so, yes, i’ll get this done again. i do have to go a while between threadings, since it helps to go in with VERY full eyebrows. this is good, since it isn’t too cheap ($22 at moxie). overall, painful, but my face did not have the post-wax Unibrow of Red Anger, and there is no residue since there is never any product. i approve.



p.s. i’m trying to post twice a day now – one “tess yammers about whatever” post and one beauty or fashion post. hope the new pattern works for you!!