this MIGHT be a bad idea, but here, let me tell you secrets

in a list, ’cause i like those.

1. mom left a GIANT bottle of wine and i feel obligated to drink a lot of it. so…y’know…drunk blogging.

2. i made a genius playlist from “tik tok”. i’m sorry. i have NO self-control

3. i’m trying REALLY hard to not make typos.

4. i may steal all of my mom’s nail polishes.

4a. my fingers are now gray-with-sparkles (i cannot resist the sparkly)

4b. my toes are now HOT MAMA RED. not the name of the polish. just…how they look.

5. i like katy perry. but not as the quasi-redhead she is now. guh. honey. the snow white look was kinda great. go back to it.

6. i like her music too. i have both a guilty-pleasure-music-crush and a girl-crush on her.

7. oh heeeey, that quilt on the wall? i made that. my senior year of high school. this means nothing to you. but if i wanted to? I COULD QUILT YOU UNDER THE TABLE. yeah. now you’re scared.

8. i started a work-out dvd today and it both kicked my ass and made me feel awesome.i will hurt tomorrow.

9. then i did a face mask thingy (oatmeal avocado, if you are curious). that was more fun than working out.

10. i am the WORST at drunk blogging

11. hi mike! you and megan are maybe the only people who read this. you’re both my favorites. shhhh, that’s a secret.

12. i should shave my legs. or save them, as i just typed. BUT I CAUGHT THAT, CAUSE I HATE TYPOS.

13. sigh. i should stop typing now.

14. stopping.

15. love

16. me