work-out, day one: ow

i began my 4-week workout dvd (ripped in 30 days, with jillian michaels) yesterday.

everything hurts. especially my upper body (which has the strength of a limp noodle). i wasn’t able to use weights for the strength-training portion of the workout (since i left those elsewhere and couldn’t find any around the house). today i’ll go through with weights, so that will hopefully be a better workout. and more painful.

i’m not doing this to lose weight. i’m doing this because i’m lazy and don’t work out. and i should be healthier. pretty basic.

(though having her abs and arms would not be a bad thing)

i have to say, i like this dvd. michaels presents the routines in a manner that i really like – not overly peppy, not overly mean, but she keeps talking throughout, explains what muscles are being worked on, and the 20 minute cycle goes by pretty quickly. you can do a modified workout or a hardcore one. i am following the modified one, at least for this first week, since i have no balance and the modified one adjusts for people totally new to this kind of routine. a few of the exercises i feel comfortable trying the more intense version – the cardio parts are easy enough for me to ramp it up a notch. no one exercise gets repeated in a workout, which is good, because i loathe a couple of the exercises she uses.

michaels recommends working out 5 or 6 days in the week, with one rest day. since i started on a wednesday, i’m going to work out today and tomorrow, take saturday off, then sunday-tuesday finish up the week. a rest day that divides the week up seems most appealing to me.  like i’ve mentioned before, i’m going to try to cut down on my tendency to eat everything when i’m destressing, which for me will mean (1) no snacks and (2) after dinner, resist the siren call of popcorn or chips. there is a meal plan that goes with the dvd, but i won’t be following it. my plan is to get through these four weeks (each week goes up a level in intensity), possibly create my own workout routine, or possibly invest in another workout dvd. i respond well to the structure, and they’re cheap as anything.

any suggestions for the next dvd i should get?