what happened on saturday?

no, really. i have double the hits on the blog that day, and i have NO idea why! i didn’t post this weekend, i don’t think i reposted any links…what internet magic is at hand?


moving on to my monday thoughts…

every bug in the state of virginia thinks i am delicious, and i’d like them to find another snack. i am SO itchy.

i had a wonderful talk with my nana last night – i’m going to see her in about a month, and i’m really looking forward to it! i think the last time it was just the two of us hanging out was a beach trip in high school…

i can FEEL my hair growing. i’m smack-dab in the middle of the Awkward Hair Phase and am concentrating on not shaving my head. maybe i’ll dye it red, and then be distracted by how pretty it is and not notice that there is hair touching my shoulders for the first time in over 3 years. twitch. twitch.

i need to find my copy of our lease. the problem with a landlord who is the most chill person ever is that i get a bit lax with important things like leases. sigh.

my parents are in hawaii, and my mom has sent me two photos. one was the view from their room (so much green!) and the other was a mama chicken and her babies. hi, we’re from the country, and take photos of chickens ’cause that’s serious business. baby birds are ugly and cute in the same breath. apparently the island they’re on has a ton of chickens…possibly more birds than people.

due to stress, or hormones, or angry little demons, i discovered a random batch of pimples on my chin, and it is driving me batty.. GO AWAY I DO NOT LIKE YOU. (i know i’m not alone in hating pimples more as an adult than as a teen. come on, i put in my time. find someone else!) (maybe if i reason with them, they’ll go away).

crud. i forgot to bring lunch. what should i have for lunch today??

this is clearly a train of thought post. the inside of my brain makes no sense at all.

happy monday, y’all. get more coffee, we all need it.