blog inspiration: the daily julie

every now and again, i want to write a post about other bloggers who make me want to improve my own writing. i’ve said this to some folks, but i’m not writing this to get a ton of hits – i mostly write because i like to write, and because having a handful of people who do read this encourages me to keep writing. however, that doesn’t mean i don’t want the blog to get better as time goes on. i know i want to add more photos, try to post twice daily, and write at least one post on beauty or fashion as a part of those two posts. the blog name sort of fits that – most of the blog is about my own rambling thoughts (yay!), but i am fascinated by the world of fashion, and by how people present themselves to the world via clothing and beauty (there is a longer post that i almost wrote in parentheses about superficiality…i’ll do that later).

SO. what blogs make me want to be a better blogger? first up is the daily julie – she writes about beauty, fashion, and her own life (to an extent). her photos are usually pretty spectacular, and she’s smart enough to get someone else to take photos of her for the blog (as opposed to my bathroom mirror self-portraits).

her blog is clearly sponsored – there are ads along the side – and while i highly doubt i will ever be dedicated enough to get money from blogging, i’m always kind of blown away by anyone who is good enough at this to make money.

what do i take from her website? well, most of her posts about fashion lead to a new favorite thing for me – most recently, stylemint (the olsen twins’ fashion website, which gives you suggestions for t-shirts based on a style quiz). from that, i’d like to start linking more of my posts to the places i found whatever item i’m talking about. the post about dying my hair?i got my hair dye from ulta, which is like sephora, but bigger and with more items you’d find in a pharmacy. the place is like the beauty aisle at cvs had a baby with sephora. they almost always have a good sale going on. she also inspires me to start posting more photos – so i’ve started thinking of other how-to guides that i can incorporate photos into.

so, maybe her blog isn’t inspiring me to change my entire writing style, but it does encourage me to put more effort into what i post here. hell, her website is so pretty that a big part of me wants to learn how to make my own site. and if i did that, i’d want to be confident that my blog was worth the energy and money that went into it.

there will be more posts about blogs that i love, and why i love them. this evening i’ll post a review of a new beauty product.