new beauty toy – the quest for red lips goes on

my recent beauty challenge has been to rock a more intense lip rather than eye. this means i now own approximately twenty bold lipsticks. i don’t mind the intensity of lipstick, but it is heavy, and when the temperature is hovering around 93 with a sauna’s level of humidity, and it feels like 100? something lighter is called for.

when i was at ulta looking for hair dye, i picked up a lip stain – which is basically intense lip color that stains your lips the same color as a lipstick might, but without the weight of a lipstick. i also have learned that stains don’t bleed at all – which is really nice when you’re using a vibrant color. my colors of choice recently have been hot pink or a red, but red is a hell of a lot harder to choose – especially under fluorescent lights in a store! i found one good red lipstick (maybelline’s red revolution, which has a hint of shimmer, and is not orangey at all):

i find that i’m more comfortable in reds that are less towards the coral end of the scale and more towards the middle – a pure red, i guess. in my experience, the spectrum runs from corals (which my grandmother did rock, and i envy that because i love a coral lip) to pinker reds (which are okay, but i have enough of my mom’s skin tone that the pinker red looks a little weird on me, i think) to a true red up through deep purpley reds (avoid because i have a small mouth and a full lower lip and it just looks bleak). SO. true reds. that is my goal. with that in mind, i picked up revlon’s just bitten lip stain (with balm – one end is stain, one end is balm – this means i avoid my lips drying out).

i picked “gothic” as opposed to “flame” – gothic looked like a pure red, flame looked dangerously coral…


there you go! before and after and blurry. sorry. iphone photos are not perfect. and i need to learn to not look off to the side in these mirror pictures. and i swear i’m not naked in the after shot – just wearing a strapless dress.

SO. hot red lips? done. intense color? yep. not too heavy? totally.

anyhow. off to a dinner with friends. happy tuesday evening!



p.s. i’m not sponsored by anyone. i just buy a lot of crap and then talk about it incessantly.