on finding the motivation to work out

if you think i’m about to tell you i found that motivation, step away from the blog, my friends. i have not. i’m sitting in the living room in the worst mood of all time ever forever and ever, trying to talk myself into my last week-one workout.

what’s a delicate way to put my current frame-of-mind?

erm, nothing i can think of that doesn’t involve a couple strong words.

i spent a lot of today thinking it was thursday, despite having my usual wednesday events. i was in a good mood because i thought tomorrow was friday, and the weekend was imminent.


i also started my day off by slicing my knee open while shaving (seriously missing some skin) and then getting a goddamn nosebleed. really, universe? dislike. oh, and i realized a meeting tomorrow means no lunch with a friend and former roommate. now the sky is black and grumbly, so i came home to one freaked out dog and another who is freaked out because the other one is freaked out, and my car smells like mussels (logical: i purchased mussels for dinner tomorrow), and BLARGLE.

so. i need to work out. but i don’t wanna. i want to pour a large glass of wine and watch ‘twin peaks’ in my effort to catch up on shows i never saw because we only had two channels when i was a kid and one of them was pbs and therefore i missed half the cultural reference generators that everyone else gets.

but. working out will put me in a better mood. or a worse mood, and then i’ll pour a larger glass of wine.

how do you deal with a bad mood? besides wine, i mean. or whine. HAHAHHAHAHA oh god, i’m funny.