restaurant week review: ten (or, om nom nom)

one of the more fabulous things about charlottesville is our restaurant week (there’s one in july and one in january). for $26, which includes a donation to a local charity, you can dine at any number of participating restaurants. typically these are restaurants i would not go to outside of this week – they’re good, but expensive, and so $26 is a great deal – especially when you get a menu decided by the chef with 3 parts to it. most places stick with appetizer, entree, and dessert – others have three mini-entrees, some add on a wine tasting or beer tasting to pair with each course.

last night, i went to ten, a sushi place on our downtown mall. i’d never been, and in fact the only sushi i’d ever tried before last night were the vegetarian rolls at the grocery store. i went with a couple of girlfriends, and oh. my. god. SO good.

i started with the ten salad – greens with a ginger dressing (actually a carrot-ginger dressing). light, summery, delicious.

next i asked for the chef’s selection – this seemed wisest to me, since i know next to nothing about the different sushi options. i ended up with this:

the quality of the photo is not great, but the restaurant has low lighting – sorry!

i loved the first sashimi – the second one was good but the fish was not my favorite. the third was great, except the fish eggs on top were drenched in wasabi, which i am not a fan of (unexpected pain = bad).

i ended with the seared tuna served with wasabi guacamole. turns out, i like wasabi when it is incorporated into guacamole…

you can see in the above photo the edge of my drink – a mandarin ginger (think a really fancy mimosa, except no champagne). delicious!

i don’t know that i would go back unless someone else was paying (ten runs pretty pricey, i’ve been told), but as first-time food experiences go, i’m pleased!

next up: date night with the manfriend at one of my favorite fancy restaurants!