so begin the Grad School Chronicles

seeing as i just had my first legit 24-hour freak-out followed by “oh, duh” moment, it seems like a good time to start this series on the blog.

also, holy shit, i start school in about a month.

one of the pre-requisites for graduate school (or undergrad) is a pre-entrance health exam. basically, this lets the school have, on record, any and all immunizations a student has had. there is a form that your doctor has to sign off on that contains all the dates for all the shots ever. not a problem, for most people. except me. i don’t go to the doctor unless something is busted, so the last general check-up i had was in 2004, before i started undergraduate. i recently started seeing a new doctor, and had to go about gathering up my medical records. this all started about three months ago. my last doctor’s office had a less-than-stellar system for organizing medical records, so they found about half of one form, and no evidence that i’d ever been to a doctor. another office had odd hours and i could never reach them. my dad, luckily, kept most of my records on file, so i was able to copy those and bring them to my new doctor.

yesterday, she calls to ask if i’ve ever had the hepatitis b vaccines. uh…yes? weren’t those required? i have no idea. i don’t remember. apparently the one shot they have on file (there should be three) was from 1997.

hello, titanic came out that year. i do not remember anything but that movie.

cue panic. had i had those shots? did my parents slack off for the other two? doubtful, mom is a nurse and they both love me and want me to be healthy.

if i didn’t get this sorted out, my forms for grad school would include a note from my doctor saying “i pinky promise she’s getting these shots”. not cool. panic. total. panic.

my mom called yesterday (having heard from my dad that i sort of freaked out that i wouldn’t get to go to grad school and would be fined lots of money) and suggested that i call the student health. since i’m attending grad school at the same university i attended for undergrad, they might have this on record.

turns out? mom is right. i called. the lovely woman in medical records took all of three minutes to locate me in the system and inform me that my pre-entrance exam from 7 years ago will transfer over for my pre-entrance exam this year. all i need to do is bring in a copy of my insurance card and turn in a document about TB.

i almost told her i wanted to kiss her.

SO. panic done now. feeling much less like throwing up.

now, i just need to hear about financial aid. fear not, i’ll walk you through that minefield too.