me on the interwebs

one thing i’ve noticed on blogs i admire is a tendency to self-promote. i’m not too good at that, but maybe if i self-promote in one fell swoop, it’ll feel less awkward?

here is where you can find me online (with the exception of facebook, because i won’t be accepting random requests. though props to the guy in college who included the message “i only befriend attractive southern ladies” didn’t work, but hey, nice effort!)

i take a lot of photographs. you can see most of them on flickr, and if you have a magical iphone, you can follow my instagram stream (username is tesskrovetz).

i’m also on twitter (you can see the stream on the right side of the blog) – this is best if you want to see me rant, post random thoughts, or occasionally drunk-tweet.

i love pinterest – you pin photos that are of interest to you, and follow other people’s boards to see what they like. my username there is tbk6d. i keep a board for style, one for beauty, one for food, etc. other folks on pinterest use it for witty images or quotes.

finally, my baking blog (which is morphing into a “food i ate” blog…when i remember it is  there) is the baking goddess – photo-heavy posts on food i made or enjoyed. i’ll try to be better about posting, i promise.

so. follow me on the interwebs. i am very witty and full of rage. it’s an excellent combination.