grad school chronicles: financial frustration (a theme)

surprisingly, for those of you who follow me on twitter and witnessed my decision to just look at cute animal photos instead of reading about how screwed graduate students are, this is not about the decision to scrap unsubsidized loans.

this is about wanting to tear my hair out because when i went to my school’s student site to accept the loans i’ll be taking for this school year, it told me that changes had been made to my financial aid offer, and that until those changes were validated, i could not accept any money!

there is a reason, though. i’m a current employee at the school i’ll be a full-time student in, so my original loan offer included a fee waiver for student fees – the crew at financial services did not realize i’d be a full-time student, not a full-time employee. that got sorted out, but clearly is still sitting in the system waiting for someone to click the “yep, we know” button – which will add money to my loan offer (to cover those fees since my employer won’t be). make sense? sure, of course it does.

anyhow! i’ve emailed the woman in that office who was so helpful before, and hopefully she can push that validation through so that i can check one more thing off my to-do list.

the rest of my to-do list looks like this:

1. register for classes – DONE (as of last night. crazy excited. i’ll post later, no worries)

2. get my waiver for TB testing taken care of

3. take TB waiver and copy of health insurance card to student health

4. accept financial offer

5. victory dance!

orientation is in 12 short days! i have (including today) 7 days of work left – next week is vacation (hurrah! expect posts from that, obviously.), then i dive into being a graduate student.

i. cannot. wait.