internet beauty tool (a shout-out)

i don’t know how i didn’t know that new york magazine’s website feature “shop-a-matic” existed.

well. i think i knew it was there. but everything i saw advertising-wise was “wedding dresses!” and “things for your wedding!” and i don’t have any weddings lined up that i’m, y’know, one of the stars in. so i ignored this feature.

and then. today. i saw a link to their lipstick feature.


you can sort by product type – balm, gloss, lipstick, pencil, stain – or by color group, or by price.

granted, as someone who is slowly developing a crippling makeup addiction (not really, i just love pretty colors), i probably should go back to ignoring this toy.

but i can’t. and i won’t. it’s like the good people at ny magazine went shopping for the best things on the internet, and lined ’em up for me. i love it.

so! the shop-a-matic toy is pretty sweet. go there. there are tons of options (lipstick, wedding dresses, gift guides, and so many more), and it’s a fun toy to play with. because the makers appear to be careful about what they select, i promise you will not be overwhelmed!