pinterest, my newest obsession

i apologize for having two similar posts back-to-back. i just wanted to wax rhapsodic about pinterest, my latest favorite website. it’s somewhat of a social media site, i’d say. as i mentioned in a previous post, you create “boards” where you pin images you find around the web – each board is usually themed in some way. a significant number of users use this to create inspiration boards for weddings, and it’s easy to see why. the more images you pin to a board, the clearer your vision for that board becomes. the social aspect comes into play when you follow other people’s boards – or, if you love everything they pin, you can just choose to follow them – and anything they pin.

pinterest gives you a little “pin it” button for your bookmark toolbar – so as you poke around the internet, and you see something you love, you click the button. it scans the page you’re on for large images, and casts a veil of sorts over the page, asking you to select the image you want to pin, then what board to pin it to – and you can share that pin to twitter or facebook. you can add in details like cost, and pinterest places a little unobtrusive stamp over the corner of the image letting viewers know how much the item costs.

selecting the image i want to pin

designating a board, and adding a note

when i started out with pinterest, i had a few boards – great books, things that make me happy, interior design, dream closet. that was in. go to my pinterest site now (click the link up above) and you’ll see thirteen boards now! in stalking admiring other pinners’ boards, i saw that most people have at least ten. so what do i have up now?

first, and with 49 items pinned, is things i want to wear – as i poke around the internet and find pretty clothing or shoes, i pin it  to that board. some of the pretties pinned there (okay, that sounded more like a serial killer than i intended) include a dress i bought for my first day of school and a pair of shoes that i will never be able to afford.

living room prettiness has furniture and decorations for my dream house. this is one of the boards where reality does not apply. i doubt i’ll ever drop $11,000 on a rug, but i sure do love the design and color. you’ll see that some items say “repinned from…” under the image – that’s because i saw it either in my pinterest feed or by going to a category (you can ask to see everything, and pinterest shows you a ton of images that were recently pinned), and loved it, and repinned it to one of my boards.

next is books that are good – this one isn’t too full right now, but i’m working on it.

things i want to nom is understandably a full board! my reader has about 20 food blogs in it, so i’m bombarded with images of food that makes me drool. pinterest is a nice way of selecting the drool-worthiest.

then, things that make me happy – this is my miscellany board. brightly colored cake? check. pretty font on stationery? check. flowers! puppies! really, if i can’t figure out where it goes, i pin it to this board.

i love my photographs board – i try to pin photos from friends on flickr here (to send them traffic, and because my friends are talented). i often pin vintage photos as well. looking over it, i have a lot of photos that could easily fit onto my dream closet board.

beauty has makeup and hair ideas pinned to it. this board is relatively new, so i’m still developing a sense of what goes there. right now, because i’m growing my hair out, i have some celebrity photos (emma stone, i love you) for hair inspiration. also, a number of high fashion makeup images that i would never try in real life, but they point to my love of pops of color. this board is also why my reader now has a lot of beauty blogs on it – i need sources!

sparkly things is just that – baubles and things that go SPARKLE and make me coo. i lose jewelry all the time (i have one silver hoop from a pair of earrings, and may be going as a pirate for halloween so it doesn’t go to waste). what do i notice when i look at this board? for someone who rarely wears gold, i’ve pinned a lot of gold sparkly things here.

the next board gets pins around 2:30 every day – when my brain is tired and i look for puppies and such online, i pin images to things i want to snuggle. this is literally all baby animals.

kitchen dreams and bedrooms i want to sleep in are more from my original interior design board. some items on these boards are realistic, others fit into my dream house (the one in the world where nothing costs money and i just point at things i like and they are instantly mine?).

i want to go to there is home to vacation spots i want to visit. i created that board yesterday, so it’s pretty bare right now. as i see images that make me swoon, of places i wish i could be, i will fill that board up!

quotes that are right is a board with a lot of fun print on it – a lot of items are repinned, though i’m realizing that etsy has a ton of great quotes in their art section. mostly, these are things that i read somewhere that made me laugh.

SO. pinterest. you should join – really, we all have things we love, and making a board of pretty images of the ideal versions of those things is both fun and educational. you can get a better idea of what you really want out of a house project, or for a party, or for your next clothing purchase.