grad school chronicles: my schedule!!

if possible, i think my dad and i are the only people truly excited about my class schedule. i’m excited because, HELLO, i’m going back to school, and am pumped. my dad is excited because he knows how much this means to me – and i think it means a lot to him. he’s a teacher, you see, and a big part of why i want to teach as well. that’s not to say i’m going to be a teacher because i want to impress him – my dad is a fantastic teacher, his students adore him, and it’s not so much following in his footsteps as it is emulating someone i love and admire. the fact that he constantly tells me he knows i’ll be a wonderful teacher gives me a confidence boost.

but, i’m SURE my readers are dying to know what classes i’m taking. keep in mind, a lot of my courses are designed (from what i understand) to refresh my memory on basic knowledge in various topics, and to teach me how to teach children that basic knowledge. think about it – figuring out how to make something as rote as math or as detailed as history fascinating for little kids is a challenge! you not only need to understand the topic yourself, you need to know where your class is, developmentally, and how to build a curriculum that meets them at their level.

that being said, one of my classes is on curriculum and instruction for elementary and special education. my program is elementary only – there is one in my school for elementary special education specifically. this course will help us understand how to teach – i think. i assume. i don’t know. not all of these courses have syllabi up yet. none of them do, really.

next is social studies in elementary education – so a refresher on everything under that topic, and i’m going to assume a lot of projects designed to force us to make our own lessons. eep.

science in elementary education is one that could be interesting – i loved my high school bio teacher, and have fuzzy memories of some fun projects when i was in elementary school.

language skills in elementary education is one of the ones i’m most excited about. the description is not up, but it’s safe to say i’ll be learning all about the art of teaching children language arts.

finally, reading development. this one is scheduled as a night class once a week, but a former professor in the program mentioned that most of this course is done in the field (we get placed in a classroom each semester) – so i think the late-night class meetings might not be EVERY week. i hope.

ANYHOW. am super excited about this, obviously.

next post – the pain of buying books.