a quick synopsis of my first grad school orientation

nothing happened.

i mean. we sat in a room. no coffee provided. we met (read: saw them from afar) various department people and most of the members of the student council.

i know one of the members of student council. am not impressed.

we went to our student center, were given a brief introduction to the space, and had a “resource fair” that was mostly meet-and-greet with the heads of various committees.

then there was a free lunch.

and that was it!

i didn’t meet anyone from my program, but i met a girl who was in my group for the class i took this summer. and i met a few girls from the kinesiology program (they’re nice, and in WAY better shape than i am).

i did experience a brief flashback to elementary school cafeteria days when i would walk away with my lunch and not know who to sit with. i then remembered that i am a big girl and can just ask to sit with people.

anyhow. monday is the grand poo-bah of all orientations – meet my program advisor and the others in my cohort. i’m hoping to get my field placement sorted out (still not signed up for it) and feel a little less jittery over this very big new step. as i told the manfriend last night, i’m nervous because this is not just first-day-of-school butterflies, it’s first-day-of-school-and-major-life-path-choice butterflies. somehow, i’m more worried that things will go wrong when it’s all on my tab.