natural disasters and i DO NOT GET ALONG

**WARNING: overly dramatic and whiny post ahead**

this is my week so far

monday: walking back from orientation. got stung by a bee for the first time ever. ON THE SOLE OF MY FOOT. you want to know sadness? have that happen. the sole of my foot felt like i’d been punched. and got all poofy. and itchy. oh god, the itchy. i caved today and scratched it and actually moaned aloud. i’m icing my foot constantly and popping aleve and staring at the deep purple color that apparently develops when you have to walk to and from class on a regular basis and have a welt on your foot to begin with.

tuesday: sitting in starbucks. drinking a mocha. eating a cookie. texting the manfriend to make fun of the girl who could not turn on her computer (as in, did not understand how to. it was fascinating.). THEN EVERYTHING STARTED SHAKING AND I NEARLY DIED. well. we had an earthquake. yes. i know. the other coast has those a lot. we don’t. we had a 5.9, though, and y’all, that’s big. nothing to sneeze at.

tuesday night: aftershock of 4.2, the house goes SHAKEY SHAKEY, we all go “um…whoa there”, and the dog doesn’t even notice. our dog clearly is missing the animal instinct i’ve heard so much about.

wednesday: um. nothing, really. apparently we had a big aftershock last night. i slept through it.

thursday: HURRICANE INCOMING. the f*ing trains are all wonky now, and i’m supposed to go to DC tomorrow for a weekend of snuggling (what? tmi? shut up.) and food, and i would REALLY like it if my train stayed uncancelled. so. i’m obsessing over a hurricane tracker, calling the train people, and making alternate driving plans.

SIGH. mother nature. she’s in a mood, y’all.