grad school chronicles: the bean experiment

scene: language skills class, this morning

overheard: “hey, do you want some? i have a bag.”

not anything sketchy, i swear. kidney beans. we’re trading potting soil for kidney beans for a science experiment.

our science professor has us growing a kidney bean from bean to bean. so i’ve got a plastic bag with damp paper towels and six kidney beans sitting on my windowsill. please germinate, tiny beans. if you die, i have to perform a bean-topsy. i am not making that up.

by the end of the semester, we have to turn in a photo of the bean, on the plant, and i think turn in a bean as well? not clear. good lord. we’re all a bit mystified, and everyone keeps going “what if i kill all the beans?”

for me, that is a legitimate worry. i killed a cactus in college because my apartment did not get any sunlight.

at any rate. i thought i would share – i expect this is both a tool for us so we can think of experiments to do with our future classes, and a learning moment along the lines of “sometimes, experiments fail”.