monday’s manicure, tuesday

this is the first installment of Super Fluffy Blog Post (or, monday’s manicure).

my eighth grade latin teacher taught us how to do our own nails, which saves a girl money if you’re like me and get a kick out of painting your nails totally unnatural colors. this week’s post is late because our internet is having a life crisis and i could not load ANYTHING last night.

on my toes: revlon’s love that red (i cannot resist a good red pedicure)

on my fingers: two colors, actually. two layers of this funky matte, powder puff, from revlon, which is a kind of shimmery white, and one layer on top of OPI suzi & the lifeguard, a very sheer pink.

that color combo is inspired by the devil wears prada. the book, not the movie. in the book, andrea witnesses a model-type describe her nail polish as “one coat marshmallow and one coat ballet slipper“, which is pretty much what i did here, but with different polish names.

yes. i’m that special.

at any rate. i will do a post on how to do your own manicure without painting your entire hand, i promise! off to coffee with two friends now – more later!