Monthly Archive: September, 2011

solutions for stress

1. ice cream 2. margaritas 3. alarming amount of bad tv choices 4. taking deep breaths and thinking quiet thoughts. 5. when #4 does not working, ranting to friends it would be lovely… Continue reading

a note to the car full of jerks

hi, guys. a few things. first off, unfortunately, i’m used to guys yelling at me from their cars. until today’s events, i thought wolf-whistles and catcalls were bad. then y’all came along, driving… Continue reading

on teaching civics, and controversy, and citizenship

i will admit to getting really frustrated by my program at times. it is not organized very well, and it can feel like pulling teeth to get an answer on what should be… Continue reading

this just happened

we set our scene in my house, where roomie B has donned the frilliest apron we own (he looks lovely). i peel a sticker off a water bottle, hand it to him. instead… Continue reading

i thought the gym would make me less grumpy

monday after my 8 am class, i went to the gym for the first time in a really long time. i ran on the treadmill, i did sit-ups, i worked with free weights.… Continue reading

in which i find a hair goal through procrastinating

PRUE FROM CHARMED. i want her hair. it’s decided. at least, i want it to be about that length. and you know, swishy and bouncy and such. that is all. love me

update: yep, i’m losing it. again.

a friend told me that she appreciates this blog because she doesn’t always have time for our epic email sessions, so this gives her a quick update on my life. with that in… Continue reading

sponge baths, ruining a child’s life, and kidney beans

last night, our house up and lost all the water. a dribble from the sink. a hissing noise in the pipes. sediment in the toilet. deeply uncool, y’all. i went to bed with… Continue reading

a minor complaint before i post about adventures

if you send me an email asking me why i didn’t submit a timesheet, you should PERHAPS be more on top of replying when i try to get back to you ASAP. i’m… Continue reading

oh god, i think my brain has snapped

so today i made this terrible decision. i decided that since my day was blocked out sort of funky, i would just take everything (three notebooks, three textbooks – small but weighty, my… Continue reading