what i want, right now

a list, because lists comfort me in a really bizarre way.

1. for the crick in my back to go away, please

2. to be able to properly tweeze that ONE FREAKING eyebrow hair. it’s really irritating me. staring at me every time i look in the mirror.

3. for someone else to go get my laundry from the dryer, fold it, and put it away for me.

4. a jar of nutella and a spoon.

5. to not have the sneezes all the time. COME ON, IMMUNE SYSTEM.

6. for my health insurance cards to kindly arrive in the mail.

7. on that note, for our mail to be regularly delivered and picked up, because recently, that has not been happening.

8. to lie in my bed and listen to the rain

9. (this is going to rhyme with the above) to listen to shania twain.

10. a brownie, except i ate the last one.

i can make a few of those things happen, luckily.