oh god, i think my brain has snapped

so today i made this terrible decision. i decided that since my day was blocked out sort of funky, i would just take everything (three notebooks, three textbooks – small but weighty, my laptop, my coffee mug, a water bottle, and possibly some rocks) and spend the day on grounds.

epic bad idea, y’all.

one, my old-lady back (let’s be honest: my out-of-shape AND old-lady back) is all kinds of pissed off right now. my feet are killing me (i wore boots that are supportive, i swear), and i can feel the Genetically Disposed to Go All Wonky nerve in my neck (thanks, paternal DNA) getting all wonky.

between all over body aches and my room being a disaster zone and being suddenly nervous about meeting A, the first-grader i will be tutoring starting next week, and getting stressed because my program keeps throwing unexpected requirements my way (they’d be expected if orientation had ORIENTED ME AT ALL or if the handbook was not hidden in a random section of the school website that i thought was only for interested students, not enrolled ones, and therefore i might have thought to look for it there instead of not at all and yes, i know, my tenses got all knotted up and you know, i’m not sorry) OH GREAT now i lost track of my sentence, so i’ll just end it now.

phew. uh. clearly my brain is not in a stable place now. and so about ten minutes ago, i left my room to socialize, sat down, saw that my roommates had top gear on, and (as my mental filter left the building) i said “oh, are y’all actually watching this? i’m going back to my room” and walked back to my room and shut the door and decided that i hate that show SO MUCH. really. cars? eh. people who think they are funny? MEGA EH. so now i’m gchatting with roomie M and sending messages through him to roomie B, and that led to B at my door trying to get me to smell his feet and me threatening that i was sitting naked on my bed and he BETTER NOT COME IN HERE. this worked.

so. i’ve snapped. thought y’all should know.

come visit me in my padded cell. bring me a cake.



p.s. hey, M? tell D and B that i don’t really hate them, i just hate people at the moment.