sponge baths, ruining a child’s life, and kidney beans

last night, our house up and lost all the water. a dribble from the sink. a hissing noise in the pipes. sediment in the toilet. deeply uncool, y’all. i went to bed with the prayer that things would magically restore themselves overnight.

come morning, i turned on the shower and realized that, no, i would not be showering today.

but don’t worry! i’m resourceful! and since my old job required a fair bit of traveling, i am the proud owner of random trial-sized cloths that are useful for when one is traveling in a part of the world without plumbing. so i basically gave myself a sponge bath this morning using some form of handi-wipes for the body. SEXY. i know. too much information. but whatever. i am clean. sort of. there was enough of a trickle that i was able to brush my teeth. though i can taste something metallic now. the city informed us that due to construction on a bridge near our house, we have no water, and they cannot give us an ETA on a fix. the thing is, the coffee shop by the bridge has water, all the fire hydrants are gushing water, and we have not heard from others in our neighborhood that they’re dried up too.

i’m fervently hoping for running water when i get back from the marathon that is today. if not, well…i’ll go to the gym to shower. not ideal, but it will do.

this afternoon i meet the little girl i will tutor in reading, and i am SO nervous. my main concern is that when i run these reading assessments with her today, i will mis-hear her, or miss something she says, or screw up so royally that i ruin her life FOREVER.

it’s possible. i swear.

(mike is full of wisdom. i am full of worry)

finally, i am proud to report that my kidney beans are growing! for my science class! one is like ten feet tall, another is scrawny but doing well, and the others probably died. two out of six is not bad, especially when you’re the girl who once killed a cactus. you know, the plant that anyone can grow and no one can kill? ME. I KILL THE UNKILLABLE PLANT.

la. i need more coffee. and a lunch plan. and a shower.