update: yep, i’m losing it. again.

a friend told me that she appreciates this blog because she doesn’t always have time for our epic email sessions, so this gives her a quick update on my life. with that in mind, here is an email to lily, in my blog.


oh god. my brain is done now. words. i can’t. i have something smudged on my shirt, i cannot read at all, i’ve been staring at my computer for almost three hours now, and i contemplated washing my hair in the bathroom sink outside of the library.

help. send cookies. or coffee. or both. or the puppy. say hi to teddy.

i misheard a friend, too. that was cool. she told me there would be a bug in science class. i heard “pug” and made the requisite “aw, cute” face, and she looked at me like i was crazy but i’m really not i just cannot hear anything.

and i finalized something for work only to receive an email the SECOND i finalized it telling me to edit one thing that i didn’t edit before i finalized it and now i have to hope that they can unfinalize it and i can take care of it between class and tutoring and then re-finalize it and oh wow, finalize is a funny word.