a note to the car full of jerks

hi, guys.

a few things.

first off, unfortunately, i’m used to guys yelling at me from their cars. until today’s events, i thought wolf-whistles and catcalls were bad. then y’all came along, driving too fast down my street, and yelled an obscenity that i will not deign to type out in my ear. so, thanks, for making sure i knew that when a guy yells out his window that damn, i’m looking good, i should view that as a compliment and not a skeezy invasion of my personal comfort zone by a COMPLETE stranger. you made it clear: it can always be worse.

second, my future daughter thanks you. you see, my mom told me that men who drive oversized vehicles, overly flashy vehicles, or any vehicle with tires WAY too big to fit the frame are compensating for something. i know now that in addition to those gems, my future daughter will be taught that any man who treats any person that way is not only compensating for a lack of man-bits, but is also not a good man. you could save puppies for a living, mister, but thinking that calling a COMPLETE stranger a see-you-next-tuesday (the ladylike way of saying that word) means that you are simply not a good person. remembering that helped me not cry today. because it wasn’t about me. it was about you. and your foolish belief that treating people that way is a way to impress the boys. or to have power. or whatever it is that your underdeveloped sense of decency went with as your excuse.

finally, so we’re clear, i saw your car. it fit into both the oversized and overly flashy categories. enough said. i hope your man-bits wither and die*.



*yea, that wasn’t polite. but hey. i’m angry. and while a part of me hopes that you learn the error of your jerky ways…a bigger part of me just hopes (and knows) that karma will be sweet.

well. to me, she’ll be sweet. to you? not so much.