Monthly Archive: October, 2011

small happinesses early monday morning

wool socks on my feet discovering that the heat is on realizing that my hair is getting long – finally – and that i actually like it. (it totally looks like that, too.… Continue reading

to-do list, revised

– teach a lesson to a class full of fifth graders. my classroom placement partner and i will be reading a magic school bus book and talking to them about the different uses… Continue reading

the to-do list from hell and the best mid-week plan ever

it seems to be legally required that professors never communicate about when various items are due. thus, my week, with various tasks checked off as necessary. – submit modified lesson plan based off… Continue reading

distractions from school

midterms are done with, and i survived (and did well, thank god, because grad school grades are RIDICULOUS. i now understand why my teachers always had insane standards for grades. because grad school… Continue reading

self-improvement, the 80s prom dress, and cookies

my original halloween costume idea was this: then somehow, i changed my mind. and my costume is now similar to: 80s prom! DUDE. i can stick to my childhood tradition of being a… Continue reading

monday morning realization

my hair is like a scarf, which is possibly the best reason for growing it out. when it was short, and summer, i was thrilled. but i just realized – i hate cold… Continue reading